Here at WILOG Media, we take the time to understand your precise requirements, even down to the very last detail! This is why many people through London and the surrounding cities choose to rely on us for video services and photography. We offer a bespoke service for clients who want more than a point-and-shoot wedding video.

High-Quality Work

We produce either a classic-format wedding film or a contemporary, cinematic-style cut, tightly edited to recreate the thrill and emotion of the day. Our skilled professionals utilise their abilities to produce stunning videos that come with high-quality audio. We do not overlay our video samples with music, allowing you to take in every sound of the wedding itself. Finally, we’ll present the final DVD/Blu-ray in a personalised case – similar to film.

Capturing the Moment

As we work, people will be aware that there’s a film being shot, though we’ll try our very best to conceal ourselves! We’ll make sure that we’re not the centre of attention as we go around the venue and capture your big day.

Rely on Our Experts

We’re members of the Institute of Videography™ and fully covered with public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. This is why you can trust our team to deliver a top-class service.

Contact us today to fOR more details about us our services and equipment hire.